Elva Paez

Upper Cervical care has been a life changing experience! Years of migraines made my work performance suffer. After seeing Dr.Collins I have not had a migraine! With every adjustment I receive, I notice more and more positive changes in my body. I don’t have heart burn, I sleep amazingly, and I feel alert and energetic… […]

Ingrid Barnica

This has been one of the best investments I have ever made! This is the second chiropractic office that I have been to and so far the best! Dr.Collins care has reduced and improved my neck and feet pain. This office is very warm and welcoming from day one. I highly recommend Dr.Collins office!

Audrae Buehl

I am a fitness competitor and started seeing Dr. Collins 2 years ago. I had major sciatica pain from doing squats/dead lifts and headaches at least 3 times a week. The headaches, pressure, and pain have stopped! My son Hunter, is a football player. He suffered from headaches, back pain, and horrible posture. The pain […]

Kira Henning

I started seeing Dr.Collins because of reoccurring back pain related to a old injury. I realized soon after receiving treatment that it had resolved my back pain and so many other parts of my health also improved! Better sleep, faster recovery from hard workouts in the gym, less headaches and so much more! As someone […]

Donna Newman

I had been suffering with vertigo with no relief. I couldn’t drive, work, or live a normal life. I had some physical therapy, gone to ENT doctor, and taken various medications. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Collins. He was my last attempt to feel better. Within 2-3 weeks my symptoms were greatly reduced. I […]

Garry Pregler

A priority of mine was to find a effective chiropractor who could keep me pain free and manage my reoccurring headaches. I have been under chiropractic care for 40+ years. Dr. Collins intently listened to my history and began to develop a holistic wellness plan. Both he and his staff are very welcoming and they […]

Christian Pruett

After dealing with symptoms over a year, my mom prayed for healing and God brought Dr. Collins to her heart. I had been dealing with blackouts, loss of memory, and loss of orientation of time. My brain would speed up uncontrollably and I would have mild seizures. I didn’t know what was going on and […]

Conquering Migraines: 5 Tips

When it comes to migraines the World Health Organization, also known as WHO, has characterized them as a primary headache disorder causing mild to severe pain along with other symptoms.  The WHO has stated that approximately half of the world’s population is suffering from at least one headache disorder (symptomatic within the past year), with […]

Benefits of Meal Planning

Eating healthy meals through out the week can be tough. Especially with work, events, school, kids, activities, sports, the list Goes On And On!!! The best solution that I have found is Meal Planning. There are many great benefits to planning out your meals. 1. Serve your family a whole food diet. No scrambling at […]

Kimberly Miller, M.S.

I saw Dr. Collins several months ago to address some of the challenges I was having physically. Having been hit by a car while running several years ago I had concerns that I might not have ever healed properly. Although I wasn’t in a tremendous amount of pain, I knew I could improve my abilities […]