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Our office loves to help people feel great and live well. Your first visit to Begin Within Family Wellness will include an introduction to Chiropractic medicine through a free personal consultation with Dr. Collins. During the consultation with Dr. Collins, you will receive a comprehensive discovery evaluation including X-rays, and an EMG Scan. Finally, Dr. Collins will create a personalized one-on-one recovery plan to fix the root cause of the problem, not just cover up the symptom.

Your First Visit To Begin Within Family Wellness

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Dr. Collins will meet with you to discuss your health needs and goals and provide an initial exam. At this point, if the decision to further pursue care is made, x-rays will also be taken.


Dr. Collins will create a customized plan of care. After he reviews your x-rays and carefully considering your individual needs.


Dr. Collins a personalized treatment plan. Once this plan has been reviewed, You can begin treatment right away with your initial adjustment.

Chiropractic Care

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic vs. Full Spine Chiropractic

The main difference between Chiropractors that focus a lot of energy in the upper neck vs. the full spine is the importance on having the head/neck in the correct position allows the rest of the spine to follow.  

Let me explain… If there is a problem at the top it will always effect the bottom. Since the top is the most vulnerable to mis-align it makes so much since to fix it correctly and allow the rest to follow. If we are always trying to adjust every part of the spine instead of the main problem we are merely chasing symptoms and using chiropractic care as if it were medicine. 

By using state of the art technologies with attentive and individualized care, Dr. Collins helps patients kick unnecessary medications and start living healthier and more active lives!

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The Begin Within Family Wellness Upper Cervical Chiropractic office is located at the NW Corner of Scottsdale & Indian School Roads in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Kyle Collins has been helping people get well, be healthy and get their lives back since 2011.

We service the following areas: Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the greater Phoenix Metro area.