Heal Your Body from Within with SoftWave Therapy

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In many cases, SoftWave Therapy can be a great alternative to surgery.

Relieve pain from within.

An alternative to an injection, surgery or medicine.
SoftWave is an option that heals.

Using SoftWave Therapy, relief truly begins from within – at the cellular level. Nicknamed “The Stem Cell Machine,” it creates soft waves of low intensity, unfocused energy with a high-energy electrical discharge in water that are delivered via a patented parabolic reflector applicator. The applicator spreads this energy to both superficial and deep tissue in the injured area, triggering the body’s natural healing process without any microtrauma.

In many cases, SoftWave Therapy can be a great alternative to surgery. SoftWave’s advanced electrohydraulic shock wave technology is the only unfocused shock wave device available for chiropractic care and aligns perfectly with our goal to help you heal from within.

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Heal with Softwave TRT

Softwave TRT Applicator


Who says getting relief from your neck, back and shoulder pain has to be hard?

Begin Within Family Wellness is pleased to offer the latest in state-of-the-art modalities and treatments, including SoftWave Therapy. A completely noninvasive procedure, shockwave or acoustic wave therapy is widely used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain through the triggering of regenerating injured tissue.

Safe, fast and effective for all ages, SoftWave Therapy treatments take just five minutes, with most of our patients feeling relief from pain in just one session.

Fast, non-surgical way to reduce acute and chronic pain

Creates antibacterial effect to accelerate wound healing

Softwave TRT Sytem

Stimulates and activates resident stem cells & increases blood supply

Repairs, remodels and regenerates tissue

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Dr. Collins will meet with you to discuss your health needs and goals and provide an initial exam. At this point, if the decision to further pursue care is made, x-rays will also be taken.


Dr. Collins will create a customized plan of care. After he reviews your x-rays and carefully considering your individual needs.


Dr. Collins a personalized treatment plan. Once this plan has been reviewed, You can begin treatment right away with your initial adjustment.

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