Conquering Migraines: 5 Tips

When it comes to migraines the World Health Organization, also known as WHO, has characterized them as a primary headache disorder causing mild to severe pain along with other symptoms.  The WHO has stated that approximately half of the world’s population is suffering from at least one headache disorder (symptomatic within the past year), with women more than twice as likely to suffer.  Find out more about the symptoms, causes, and remedies, below.

What Symptoms Can Occur?

Mood swings, depression, irritability, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, stiff muscles, visual disturbances, pins and needles in arms and face, nausea, vomiting, intellectual difficulties, sensitivity to smells, light, and sound, and lightheadedness.  Just to name a few.

What are Some of the Causes?

It is believed that the causes of migraines are two fold.  Genetics and certain types of triggers and trauma.  It may be something such as stress, an injury, food, air quality, or hormonal changes.  Or your genetics may leave you predisposed to migraines; in which, we can easily alter genetics by our lifestyle choices.

Now, for the 5 Tips

Everyday our genes are changing based on our lifestyle for the better or for the worse. We need to make sure what we put in and do to our bodies are making our genes better not only for us but for the future generations, our kids and their kids. Here are the 5 methods that we can use to take control of our migraines:

    1. Use natural supplements regularly such as B Vitamins, Butterbur, Feverfew, Magnesium, and Stress Relieving Essential Oils.
    2. Stay hydrated.  Make sure you drink enough water, at least 9-13 glasses per day.  Remember, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol will dehydrate you.
    3. Pinpoint foods that could possibly be causing the symptoms (gluten, etc.) and adjust your diet.
    4. Exercise, yoga and stretching can decrease tension and increase circulation.
    5. Although we mention this one last, a visit to an upper cervical chiropractor should be the first step in your journey to better health.  Here’s why:  your nervous system is responsible for communicating messages to the rest of your body, telling it how to operate properly.  When your spine is unaligned, the messages are interfered with, and the result is pain, deterioration, and wear and tear.  Our work makes sure that the nervous system isn’t being interfered with, causing your body to break down and not heal properly.  Medication, although it can be temporarily effective, is merely a bandaid approach.  Spinal alignment addresses the core issue and allows your body to heal itself.

With the correct treatment method, you’ll be on a future path to living a pain free life. Migraines are definitely beatable, all you have to do is start your new health journey.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your migraines, please do not hesitate to contact us.