what to expect at the chiropractor

What to Expect Your First Time at the Chiropractor

When visiting a chiropractor for the first time, there’s a lot you probably don’t know about—yet! Plus, there are a variety of different types of chiropractors you might visit.

So, knowing what to expect at the chiropractor, especially when seeing an upper cervical chiropractor, is important! This way, you can understand what questions to ask and how to best prepare for your first visit.

At Begin Within Family Wellness, we treat each patient like they are family—because they are!

To help you feel ready for your first visit with us, keep reading to learn what you can expect when you come in for your appointment.

What to Expect at the Chiropractor

Preparing For Your Chiropractic Visit

You might be surprised to learn that preparing for your first visit is an important first step to visiting the chiropractor.

This first step should start off by understanding the reasons to see a chiropractor, even if you’re not in pain. By knowing why you should see a chiropractor, you can then find one that offers the treatment you’re looking for.

The upper cervical chiropractors at Begin Within can provide you with more in-depth results regarding any issues you have with your upper cervical spine.

Another important part of preparing for your visit includes your wardrobe. Overall, you want to be comfortable during your initial examination.

So, the best choice for what to wear to a chiropractor is something comfortable and easy to move in, like athletic wear.

Your First Chiropractic Visit

Now that you’ve got the right outfit on and have your consultation scheduled, it’s time to learn what that visit looks like!

At Begin Within Family Wellness, you start off by receiving a complimentary first consultation by calling our office at (480) 699-3086.

Then, when you come into the office for your first visit, you’re immediately greeted like family. At Begin Within, we want every patient to feel comfortable and cared for so you can have a phenomenal first visit.

In that first visit, your chiropractor will sit down with you to learn more about why you’re here. From symptoms you’re experiencing to learning your health history, this is a comprehensive consultation experience.

Next, you will go through an extensive examination process that includes X-rays and other processes. All of this is important because your chiropractor won’t know if they can help without the right evaluation.

After your examination is done, you’ll schedule your next visit. Now, it’s time for your chiropractor to analyze the information they gathered in your consultation in order to create the best next steps for your care.

What’s Next: Your Second Chiropractic Visit

Your second visit with Begin Within is a follow-up on your initial consultation. Now that your chiropractor has looked at the results of your first visit, they know if chiropractic care is the best solution.

If your examination shows that chiropractic care isn’t the best solution, don’t worry! Begin Within is always dedicated to helping patients heal, no matter what.

Thus, in a situation when chiropractic care isn’t the answer, they still have the next steps for you to follow. These next steps include finding and referring you to the right specialist that can help you heal.

Regardless of if chiropractic care is a fit for you, your chiropractor will go over the results of your consultation with you. To get the right care, you need to know what that care is addressing!

Begin Within prepares personalized chiropractic care plans for patients that are a fit for chiropractic care. This includes explaining what care is best for your condition and what the cost will look like.

In the end, you can be sure of what to expect at the chiropractor with Begin Within: genuine care and a great first visit experience you’ve never had before! 

Contact Begin Within at (480) 699-3086 and receive your complimentary consultation today.