5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor (Pain or Not)

If you’ve ever considered chiropractic care, you may have wondered what the reasons to see a chiropractor are. The first thing many people think of for why you would see a chiropractor is typically pain.

Nonetheless, there are a variety of beneficial chiropractic services.

By and large, chiropractic care doesn’t just treat symptoms but instead addresses the root of a problem. A chiropractor also provides you with preventive care that keeps you in alignment and healthy.

To learn more about how a chiropractor can help you, check out some of the reasons to see a chiropractor we’ve listed below.

Top 5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor: Pain or Not

1. Spine Alignment

First and foremost, the goal of a chiropractor is to ensure you are in alignment. To elaborate, an upper cervical chiropractor focuses on the top two bones of your spine: the atlas and the axis. As these bones surround our nervous system, which controls our body’s function, it’s important to make sure they’re in alignment.

This misalignment is known as subluxation. When a bone at the top of your neck is out of alignment, pressure is put on your nerves. Thus, your brain and body aren’t able to communicate properly. So, a chiropractor’s goal is to remove this interference.

Additionally, this misalignment does not always cause pain. In fact, you may be in misalignment and not feel any pain at all. Regardless, if you are experiencing other symptoms, such as insomnia, but don’t feel pain, you can still benefit greatly from seeing a chiropractor.

2. Stress

When we’re stressed, we tend to “store” that stress in our bodies. In other words, stress can lead you to feel tense, get headaches, and other symptoms.

When feeling stressed, our bodies will often hold tension in the neck and back. This muscle tension often leads to pain. The pain can be made worse when your spine is misaligned.

To deal with your stress, you can try various things such as stress management or even changing how you sleep. In addition to these methods, seeing a chiropractor is important because what causes your neck pain can also lead to misalignment in your spine. Over time, even if your pain goes away, there is still damage caused by a misaligned spine left untreated.

3. Posture

You’ve likely heard a parent or teacher say how important it is to sit up straight. If you find yourself sitting for long periods, you may have some common posture problems.

For example, you may find yourself hunching over or rounding your shoulders if you sit for long periods throughout the day. After a while, these positions may start to feel more natural than sitting up straight. Thus, a bad posture habit is formed.

Overall, posture has numerous effects on your body, such as disrupting the brain’s communication with the body. So, to address the issues that may stem from posture, correcting bad posture habits is important. This is where a chiropractor can help.

By ensuring your spine is in alignment, you may find it much easier to maintain good posture. In fact, good posture may even feel more natural once you’re in alignment.

4. TMJ

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, acts as a hinge to connect your lower jaw to your skull. There are a variety of reasons to see a chiropractor if you’re dealing with TMJ pain or tension.

For example, if you’ve recently experienced a neck injury, this can irritate the Trigeminal nerve. The Trigeminal nerve is near the joint for your jaw. So, if you irritate that nerve, you may then experience TMJ issues.

Some of these issues can include tension in your jaw as well as experiencing muscle pain when eating, talking, or other activities.

To best treat this issue, it is important to see a chiropractor to make sure the underlying cause of TMJ pain is treated. This prevents further pain and ensures proper healing.

5. Preventive Care

In general, seeing a chiropractor is important to maintaining your overall healthy lifestyle. While many may see a chiropractor when experiencing issues such as pain, you can see a chiropractor when you’re not in pain.

After all, why wait until you’re sick when you could prevent that altogether?

By seeing a chiropractor, you can make sure that you are in alignment and remain that way. Plus, if you ever become misaligned, you can address this quickly and avoid any long-term damage that misalignment could cause.

Revitalize Your Health With Upper Cervical Care!

One of the most important reasons to see a chiropractor is to make your health a priority. By maintaining your spine’s alignment, you are also making sure that your body can do what it does best: be healthy!

It is important to keep your health first when it comes to keeping your spine in alignment. So, if you are experiencing any symptoms of pain or want to see if you’re in alignment, then seeing a chiropractor is a great way to stay healthy.

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