What Does an Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic Do?

Everyone wants to stay healthy, especially after they get sick. It’s why we go to a doctor if we’re feeling ill, or see a dentist for a toothache.

Nonetheless, these examples are treating symptoms after they’ve appeared in your body, which is known as crisis or emergency care.

What if you could treat your symptoms before they even appeared? This is preventive care. In other words, you’re letting your body do what it does best—be healthy!

One of the best ways to improve the health of you and your family is through the preventive care that an upper cervical family chiropractor can provide.

Why is preventative care so important? What is the upper cervical spine? What can I expect from upper cervical family chiropractic?

We’ve got your back—in this article, we answer all of your questions about chiropractic care and how it can improve your livelihood.

What Does An Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic Do?

As established before, preventative care is important because it can decrease the likelihood of illness. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 6 out of 10 Americans have a chronic illness. However, with preventive care, many of these chronic illnesses can be avoided.

Overall, preventative care—like regular chiropractic visits—is important to maintain optimal health and wellness. For these reasons, regularly seeing an upper cervical family chiropractor is in you and your family’s best interest!

Keep reading to learn more about the upper cervical spine and how a chiropractor can help maintain optimal spine health.

Where is the Upper Cervical Spine?

What’s the upper cervical spine, and why should I care?

The upper cervical spine is the upper region of your neck. Or, the area where many people complain about neck pain after sitting at a desk job for too long!

Specifically, it is the section of the spine where your brain stem resides,in between the top two bones of your neck. These first two cervical vertebrae are called your atlas and axis bones. These two bones are what allow your head to rotate.

So, when you visit an upper cervical family chiropractor, they will be looking at the part of your neck that is directly underneath your head.

A Chiropractor’s Duties: Your First Visit

Now that we know where the upper cervical part of our neck is let’s talk about what an upper cervical family chiropractic visit looks like.

By and large, the goal of your first visit is to identify and address the cause of any pain or symptoms that you may have. Essentially, each chiropractic visit is focused on finding the root of your problems rather than just treating symptoms.

The methods used by a chiropractor to identify your root problems involve assessing how you move. In other words, your chiropractor wants to see how you turn, bend, and may also test your reflexes. All of this is done to locate any areas in your spine that could be a problem.

X-rays are done to determine the precise area of the spine that may need adjustment. With this information, a chiropractor creates a personalized upper cervical plan of care.

All in all, when an Upper Cervical Chiropractor adjusts the upper cervical part of your neck, they are minimizing nerve pressure and eliminate stress on your body.

Overall, stress can cause your body to weaken faster than it should. Therefore, by performing these adjustments, a chiropractor helps your body heal as it was designed to.

When to See a Chiropractor

There are a variety of reasons to schedule an upper cervical family chiropractic visit!

To demonstrate, many people visit chiropractors to alleviate stress-induced migraines and insomnia. An upper cervical chiropractor can asses and address the bodily factors causing stress, migraines, and insomnia.

Healing is what your body is designed to do. To elaborate, your nervous system is what controls the healing process.

Do you remember what we stated about the brain stem and those two bones at the top of your spine?

The brain stem is the part of the nervous system, which communicates to the body to heal. If there is interference at the upper cervical spine, then your body can’t self regulate its healing process.

An upper cervical chiropractic adjustment target this area to remove any interference that may hinder your brain communicating appropriately to the body.

In addition to helping your body heal current health challenges naturally, a chiropractic visit can also provide preventive care.

The more time spent with your spine in misalignment, the more damage to your health.

Kickstart Your Health With a Consultation

All and all, chiropractors will reduce pressure on your nerves which will allow your body to heal better. Nonetheless, to lead a healthy life, preventative care is advised. Like we shared before, time spent with misalignments cause lasting damage, the longer they go untreated.

This sentiment extends to the entire family—especially children! There are many benefits to children’s chiropractic care that can improve their standard of living.

To get started on this new path to a healthier family, take advantage of the complimentary consultation Begin Within Family Wellness offers!

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