What to Wear to a Chiropractor

While wearing comfortable clothes to any doctor is a given, the same goes for any upper cervical chiropractic visit you have scheduled! However, there is some extra consideration that goes into picking your outfit for a chiropractic examination.

Certain clothes can make your examination a bit more complicated if they are too restricting, for example. All in all, to get the most out of the healing process a chiropractic visit provides, you want to dress appropriately.

So, if you’re staring into your closet and wondering just what to wear to a chiropractor, we’ve got you covered! We’re going to go through why clothing choice matters, and the do’s and don’ts of your chiropractic examination outfit.

What to Wear to a Chiropractor

Let’s go into some specifics on what exactly to wear to a chiropractor.

What to Wear

Wearing non-restrictive clothing that is easy to move in and comfortable is the best choice when going to a chiropractic examination.

Some examples of what counts as non-restrictive clothing include athletic wear. This can be a well-fitting (but not overly tight!) shirt with shorts or pants that are comfortable and make movement easier.

Not only will you be comfortable, but you will be more than ready to move! Wearing the most comfortable and flexible clothing is important for chiropractic examinations and any adjustments that come afterward.

What NOT to Wear

On the other hand, the clothing you want to avoid when deciding what to wear to a chiropractor is more restrictive clothing—including business casual or clothing that restricts movement.

Additionally, jewelry like necklaces and chokers aren’t recommended for chiropractic visits as they can restrict movement.

When it comes to outerwear, leave bulky jackets and sweaters at home. However, if it’s a day with weather that calls for a jacket or sweater, make sure it is easily removable.

Some other examples of clothes to avoid include skirts or dresses. During your chiropractic examination, it is easier to move around in shorts or pants than it is in a dress.

Why Clothing Choice Matters

To make the best outfit choices, you should understand why they matter when visiting a chiropractor. Typically, your chiropractor will work with you to create a personalized chiropractic care plan.

Your care plan beings with a chiropractic office visit where you share why you decided to visit your chiropractor. Reasons for a chiropractic visit can range from preventive care to certain pain symptoms you may be experiencing, like lower back pain, that can be addressed with upper cervical care.

If your chiropractor believes they can help you, then a more thorough examination will take place. During your chiropractic examination, you are likely to lay on your back, among other tests, so your chiropractor can test your movement.

This examination can involve a variety of movements to get an understanding of how your spine impacts you. For example, one test involves you turning your head left and right while your chiropractor checks your legs to see if one is drawn up or shortened.

With all the movement that happens in an examination, wearing the right clothes comes into play. Consider the clothes that you wear to the gym, for example. Usually, you would want to wear something easy to move around in, regardless of your exercise routine. The same applies for a chiropractic examination because of how you will be moving around!

Be Comfortable While You Heal

By and large, the goal of any chiropractor is to help your body be healthy. Chiropractic consultations and examinations attended with care help you achieve upper cervical healing. To receive the best results in your healing process, it is vital to wear comfortable clothing, so each visit to your chiropractor is made easier.

At upper cervical chiropractic offices like Begin Within, located in the heart of Scottsdale, you’ll feel comfortable and at home from the moment you walk in. After all, healing should make you feel better!

One of the best ways to heal (besides seeing a chiropractor, of course) is to arrive at your appointment wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. This way, you can receive the adjustments you need and get started on your path towards a healthier you.

To get started on this new path to a healthier lifestyle, Begin Within Family Wellness offers a complimentary consultation! Scheduling this complimentary consultation is easy.

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