Christmas Family

This year Begin Within has chosen a wonderful deserving family to bless this holiday season!

Veronica is a single mom with a 6 month old girl Leah, and a 6 yr old boy Reyes. Veronica works full time cleaning homes.images They share 1 room in a rented trailer with partial kitchen privileges. Mom does not have a car but rides her bike everywhere. Veronica is a wonderful mother and is very positive and grateful!

Leah- 6 month old girl            Gift Ideas:   6-9 month clothes, Diapers, toys

Reyes- 6 year old boy              Gift Ideas:   size 10 clothes, likes Legos, Toys

Veronica- 30 yrs old               Gift Ideas:   gym shoes women’s size 9, women’s Lg or XL tops, personal care items,                                                                gift cards to Walmart or Food City

Together lets make this Christmas magical for this family! We will be collecting wrapped gifts through Dec. 18th. Thank you so much for being apart of this wonderful donation!