Wendy Reiter

Dr. Collins and staff provide educated, compassionate and skilled care. I am forever grateful to the person who recommended seeing Dr. Collins instead of resigning myself to a lifetime of anti-seizure meds and surgeries for Trigeminal Neuralgia. You guys rock!   Save

Peggy Moore

After fifteen months of going from doctor to doctor, one hospitalization, three trips to the emergency room, three ENT doctors, two neurologists, eight weeks of physical therapy, cortisone injections, MRI of brain and cervical spine, various heart tests, everything was normal, but my symptoms were real! I was lightheaded, off balance, nauseated, had pains and […]

Laura Oyola

Dr. Collins and his staff have helped my family significantly!  For me personally, since starting treatment over a year ago, I’ve seen my seasonal allergies nearly disappear.  I also I suffered from knee and ankle pain, which I had been told may lead to surgery. I’m no longer experiencing that pain now that I receive […]

Melissa Colaric

I was a long time headache/migraine sufferer.  I tried everything over the counter.  I tried wearing glasses more often than contacts; I changed my diet and even improved my sleeping habits.  My condition would improve, but they were all temporary fixes. It just so happened that Dr. Collins had an exhibit and Arizona’s Bridal Expo.  […]

Deborah Compeau

Two months ago I almost crawled into Dr. Collins office.  I was greeted by a warm and friendly smile.  This can mean a lot when you’re not feeling so well.  At forty-eight years old, I had little to no hope that any sort of treatment would help improve my chronic back pain. I have had […]

Ashley Kaiser

I started going to Dr. Collins after a major car accident.  He helped reduce the headaches and neck pain, as well as alleviate back spasms that were a daily occurrence! I have also had him start adjusting my two boys, once a month.  My 4 year old rarely needs an adjustment anymore, but he loves […]

Paige Davison

Dr. Collins and the staff genuinely care about you and the state of your health.  He goes above and beyond to make sure that your body is in a state of healing. Dr. Collins has personally helped me to overcome severe back pain that I had been suffering from since I was a teenager.  I […]

Erin Roberts

Dr. Collins and staff are great. They make you feel comfortable from the moment you step in the door. I have suffered from headaches my whole life and been in several car accidents. Before finding Upper Cervical I went to several chiropractors that never seemed to help me. With Upper Cervical care I am now […]

Matt Gunn

Dr. Kyle Collins is my Hero, I really count my blessings that I found him. Im under Dr. Collins care with fantastic results! I believe strongly in the upper cervical technique and recommend Dr. Collins to everyone. I continue to go for regular check ups to stay healthy! The staff at Begin Within Family Wellness […]