5 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

In America, more than 100 million people suffered from a chronic illness in 2012. This hefty burden contributed to 75% of health costs that year.

That said, it’s about time that we proactively solved this medical crisis—starting in the workplace.

The average adult will spend approximately one-third of their life at work. The number varies amongst professions. Nonetheless, the consensus is clear: corporate wellness programs are needed to work sustainable work longterm.

The benefits of corporate wellness programs are tenfold investment. Employees that feel good are more productive, happier, and take fewer sick days.

Create a healthier work environment with the following benefits of workplace wellness programs below.

5 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs & Why They Matter

1. Educate Better Employee Health Practices

It’s no secret that it’s easier to pick up a bad habit than to get rid of one. And, the workplace is the perfect breeding ground for unhealthy habits.

Mindless snacking, sitting for extended periods, and bad posture may be all you need to decrease office wellness.

However, a corporate wellness program that educates its participants on healthy alternatives can improve wellness.

Armed with healthy substitutes, employees are empowered to make educated decisions and take control of their wellbeing.

2. Increased Company Profitability

As employees gain unhealthy habits, they are more likely to develop related health consequences. Consequently, the cost of these health issues may fall back on the company.

Sick employees may feel the need to come into work for a period of time. However, there comes the point in time where the balances tips against their favor and illness take over.

At this point, employees may take more sick days, productivity may decline, employee turnover can increase. Additionally, employee satisfaction and morale may decrease.

In the end, the company’s profitability will suffer.

A corporate wellness program can teach healthy habits to fend off illness.

The result: healthy, happy employees, and improved profit margins.

3. Employees Share Healthy Habits With Their Family

Employees who change their health habits at work are more likely to bring those habits home. So, not only is a corporate wellness program benefiting your employees, but it also helps their families!

Healthy habits are contagious! And, reinforcing healthy habits outside of work is a positive practice that can only help employees and their families.

Employees that cook healthier meals at home or encourage sufficient sleep may feel empowered to maximize their health potential.

Large-scale, as a community, we can reduce the overall health cost. And, more locally, a corporate wellness program can reduce the number of sick days taken.

In the end, the resources provided in a corporate wellness program not only helps your employees but also helps their family live healthier, too!

4. Create & Improve Healthy Company Culture

A wellness program can support a healthy company culture and employees.

Employees that are offered healthier options are more likely to take advantage of them. Everyone wants to be healthy but may lack the tools they need to achieve their health goals. Those tools can be found in a well-structured corporate wellness program.

Overall, a healthy company culture can encourage employees to achieve their best self inside and outside of the office.

5. Employee Stress Levels Decrease

Stress is a normalized health epidemic in America. However, the body can not sustain chronic stress, and it shouldn’t be required to.

Stress can cause depression, irritability, anxiety, and more.

Even more, stress can lead to physical abnormalities like overly tense muscles.

When left untreated, your body’s alignment can be thrown into disarray–literally! Tense neck muscles can lead to a misaligned spine, which prevents your brain and body from communicating properly with one another.

With a misaligned spine, there are numerous impacts you will begin to see in your body over time.

A corporate wellness program can provide healthy coping mechanisms. Employees can also learn about the great benefits of chiropractic care—holistic remedy to realign your spine to feel the best you possibly can!

Are you looking for a way to support your employee’s health in the workplace?

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