Upper Cervical Care

Our purpose is to help you suffer less and live more with as few adjustments as possible. Learn about common conditions below.
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Upper Cervical Care


Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Dr. Kyle Collins is a licensed medical professional practicing Upper Cervical Chiropractic Techniques in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Specifically, we utilize the most precise form of Chiropractic Care called Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific.

This technique focuses on removing the interference in the upper part of the neck where the brain-stem sits.

The brain stem controls every automatic function and response in the body, such as: sleep, digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, balance and equilibrium, and many more.

When the brainstem and the body are able to communicate with each other freely, you are able to live life to its fullest.

Life, which resides in the brain, must be expressed to all cells and all organs in order for the body to function normally. Brain stem pressure stops information from being expressed to all vital organs, and cells of the body.

Our purpose is to help you achieve your wellness goals with as few adjustments as possible.

Let’s set up your free Upper Cervical Care Consultation.

Begin Within is located at 6929 N. Hayden Rd Suite 111 Scottsdale, AZ 85250. 


Dr. Collins will meet with you to discuss your health needs and goals and provide an initial exam. At this point, if the decision to further pursue care is made, x-rays will also be taken.


Dr. Collins will create a customized plan of care. After he reviews your x-rays and carefully considering your individual needs.


Dr. Collins a personalized treatment plan. Once this plan has been reviewed, You can begin treatment right away with your initial adjustment.

Upper Cervical Care

Chiropractic Care

Live a more healthy, active lifestyle.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic vs. Full Spine Chiropractic

The main difference between Chiropractors that focus a lot of energy in the upper neck vs. the full spine is the importance on having the head/neck in the correct position allows the rest of the spine to follow. 

Let me explain… If there is a problem at the top it will always effect the bottom. Since the top is the most vulnerable to mis-align it makes so much since to fix it correctly and allow the rest to follow. If we are always trying to adjust every part of the spine instead of the main problem we are merely chasing symptoms and using chiropractic care as if it were medicine.

By using state of the art technologies with attentive and individualized care, Dr. Collins helps patients kick unnecessary medications and start living healthier and more active lives!

Common Questions

After graduating from Chiropractic college, Upper Cervical doctors continue post-graduate training in Upper Cervical care. The post-graduate training includes advanced studies in the anatomy, neurology, biomechanics, radiology, instrumentation and corrective procedures specific to the upper cervical spine. An Upper Cervical doctor focuses on the top two bones in the neck, Atlas & Axis. These two bones surround our nervous system that controls and functions every part of the body.

A Upper Cervical adjustment is a light and specific adjustment. There is NO twisting or pulling during the adjustment. It is a specific adjustment that is done after receiving a full examination and X-rays to determine where the misalignment is located.

A subluxation is a bone in the top of the neck that is out of alignment. This causes nerve pressure and reduces the function of the brain and body to communicate properly. The nervous system controls and functions the whole body. Removing this interference allows the body the function at its optimal level.

Only 15% of the nerves in the body transmit sensory pain. The other 85% of the nerves are controlling every other function in the body. This is why it is so important to have your nervous system checked with an Upper Cervical doctor.

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