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At Begin Within Family Wellness we love to see our little miracles from the first day they are welcomed into the world! Considering that birth is the first “trauma” that a individual may endure, it is important to have your child checked and adjusted as soon as possible after birth in order to remove any interference that they might be suffering from.

Dr. Collins, as a gift to our families at the clinic, checks our little ones after birth complimentary! The adjustment is gentle, light, and quick and requires no twisting or torquing of the child’s neck or spine. The most common response to a child’s first adjustment is laughter! We also have parents tell us that their children had an amazing night sleep after their adjustment.

By simply removing the interference that blocks the communication within the body, health is maintained along with preventing conditions, which can occur later in life.

One of the hardest parts for most families is being able to afford care for their entire family. Begin Within Family Wellness offers affordable discounted family plans to all of our patients!

Common conditions that we see infants and children for are:

– Colic
– Digestive Issues
– Acid Reflux
– Nursing Favoring One Side
– Torticolis
– Bed Wetting
– Sleep Issues
– Scoliosis (mainly in adolescents)
– and many more