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Personalized Chiropractic Care

Safe & Natural

With a focus on discovering the root of your problems as opposed to treating symptoms, we represent a uniquely hands-on and invested approach to restoring your health.

Initial Meeting (or Consultation)

Dr Collins will meet with you to discuss your health needs and goals and provide an initial exam. At this point, if the decision to further pursue care is made, x-rays will also be taken

Get Started

Once your personalized treatment plan has been reviewed, You can begin treatment right away with your initial adjustment

What To Expect?

You’ll meet the doctor after filling out some brief paperwork describing your, your health history and your health goals. In this initial consultation we’ll get to know one another and you’ll learn more about our chiropractic methods.

If you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care, we’ll conduct a more thorough examination. We’ll study the ways you turn and bend, and even test your reflexes. These and other physical, orthopedic and chiropractic tests help us locate areas of your spine that could be a problem.

Will I Have to Get X-Rays?

As an upper cervical care chiropractor, we require x-rays before we do your first adjustment. This allows us to see precisely the adjustments that you need before we do them.

Will I Receive Medication for my Pain?

No. Chiropractors don’t dispense drugs because we rely on nature methods. If we discover that your health needs may be better served by another practitioner, we will be sure to give you the necessary recommendation.

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