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The Art of Sleeping: How to Get the Best Sleep Possible

How to Get the Best Sleep Possible

Sleep has the unique ability to define the quality of nearly every aspect of your life.  From self-motivation and productivity to strength and general health, sleep isn’t just a convenient way to pass the sun’s routine absence. Sleep is a necessity to your health and well-being.

Studies report that over thirty percent of Americans struggle with some kind of sleep issue.  A staggering number considering just how dramatic an impact sleep can have on your daily life. Fortunately, many common sleep problems can be solved with basic therapies or habit changes. Here are a few things to consider when trying to get the best sleep possible.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
In a culture where working late and getting up early are celebrated marks of the dedicated entrepreneur and day-to-day go-getter, the idea of dedicating nearly eight precious hours of life a day to sleep sounds remarkably appealing.  Getting enough sleep is the first step to functioning fully and increasing productivity.  Studies show that few adults feel fully rested with under seven hours of sleep, with some needing as much as nine hours to feel their best.

Is Your Sleeping Position Right For You?
Along with the amount of sleep you get, quality of sleep can have a dramatic impact on how rested you feel when you get up.  Sleeping in strange positions can lead to aches and pains due to pressure put on your joints and spine.  While lying flat on your back is generally considered the healthiest position to sleep in, using pillows to keep your head and body aligned and avoiding pressure points can have a marked effect on the quality of your sleep.

What Are You Sleeping On?
A mattress isn’t just a luxurious comfort.  If you’re waking up sore or unrested, you may want to think twice about what it is you’re sleeping on.  An old, hard mattress can put uneven pressure on your body. If your mattress is too soft, it won’t properly support your body. Both can cause you to toss and turn at night and result in waking up feeling achy and unrested.

Your pillow also should be an appropriate size and softness.  If your pillow pushes your head up too far, or doesn’t hold your head straight you may want to consider an upgrade. The goal is to find a mattress so that your spine is supported in proper alignment. This will help you long term and help get the best sleep possible every night.

Consider Chiropractic Therapy
If you’ve already made some lifestyle adjustments and still don’t feel 100%, your chiropractor may be able to help.  A few minor adjustments can have a dramatic affect on your well-being, and if caught early enough, it can help undo the damage caused by bad mattresses, poor sleeping positions, and other daily strains.

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